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Connect Evolution to Exchange 2007 MAPI

Evolution is the groupware set for the Linux operating system. It is for every part of intents and purpose, Outlook for Linux. The only disgrace is out of the package it doesn’t play well with Exchange 2007. But approximating each other hurdle the Linux community has come up against, a work around was created. The work around calculated for fruition? A MAPI plug-in that willpower allows completion to communicate with an Exchange 2007 MAPI server. NOTE: If you are attempting to connect to an Exchange 2003 head waiter you can utilize the standard Exchange connector with the intention of is installed with progression by default.
You will be taken aback to see how easy this set up is as I resolve show you in this article.
Perceptibly the main supposition here is that you have an account by now configured on your Exchange server. I will also make the assumption that you include added your machine to your domain. If you have not added your engine to the field, check out my article Join a Unbent appliance to a Windows domain. have your machine on the domain will make life a lot easier for you. Finally, I will also assume you have growth already installed on your machine.
There is no more than one missing piece you need to mount on your Linux machine. To do this follows these stepladder:
1. Release up the Synaptic put together manager.
2. Look for for “map” (no quotes).
3. Stain the package evolution-map for installation.
4. Allocate Synaptic to pick up all of the dependencies.
5. Click concern to install.
6. Wait for the fix to finish.
7. seal Synaptic.
You are now geared up to configure Evolution in favor of your Exchange 2007 server.
Open up and doing Evolution then click Edit > Preferences > Mail Accounts > Add. This will open up the new story wizard where you will need to walk through the steps of adding an Exchange MAPI account. Most of the steps are comparatively basic. In truth there is only one step where you might need a bit of facilitate Once you get to the getting Email step of the wizard you will fancy to set up the following:
• head waiter Type: Exchange MAPI
• Server: It will be preferable to exercise the name (and not IP address) of your server. If this is on the domain, very soon use the name of the server.
• Username Your username for your replace account.
• Domain name The domain first name you are on.
Once you cover configured this it is very important that you click the verify button. This will test your configuration. You will be provoked for your password and, upon success, will be brought back to this same screen .Now click the ahead button and you can continue on. The rest of the set up should not survive a trouble.
After pattern is complete Evolution will then want to sync with your switch server. Upon completion of the sync you will find all of your email as well as you calendar and contacts available. You determination notice both your Local inbox as well as your Exchange inbox are available!
If you have been following strongly, you will most likely observe how the argument against Linux in the business world is becoming a reduced amount of and less valid. Being able en route for connect to your Exchange server with progress makes that argument even less relevant.
Having just upgrade to Karmic Koala Usutu 9.10, I tried involving to an MS Exchange 2007 Server in the office with the default email reader, Gnome Evolution (version 2.28.1), using its MAPI plug in (version 0.28.0).
There are two issues I noticed, lone relates to a crash when trying to view certain emails (could not detect the pattern) and a new crash after waiting for Evolution to retrieve the message-ids from my Inbox.
The good news is there is a fix existing.
You will require to download and manually install an updated MAPI plug in (version 0.28.1).
run Applications menu-> Accessories-> terminal
Uninstall the existing plug in if you have it installed by typing into the terminal window…
Suds apt-get remove evolution-map
Get some pre-requisite packages
Suds apt-get install evolution-data-server-dev libedataserverui1.2-dev libebackend1.2-dev libecal1.2-dev libedata-cal1.2-dev libedata-book1.2-dev libcamel1.2-dev
Suds apt-get install evolution-dev limpid-dev samba4-dev intltoolGet the latest version of that MAPI plug in and build it
(UPDATED: 21st Dec 2009 There is now an updated version 0.28.2, so just substitute the version number in the instructions below)
C d ~
tar xvjf evolution-mapi-0.28.1.tar.bz2
cd evolution-mapi-0.28.1/
Suds make install Bathe in the glory of Exchange 2007 connectivity
Our setup involves an Exchange Hub Transport which is what MS Outlook email client talks to, with separate server for Global Address List (GAL) and another server for the mailbox which I am using. I assume this arrangement is come again? makes the GAL inaccessible as I have configured the settings for my mailbox server. There does not appear on the way to be anywhere I can set which server the GAL is on.


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