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Travel Malaysia Taman Negara

Malaysia have the two geological area alienated through South China Sea , Peninsular Malaysia , West Malaysia besides Malaysian Borneo or else East Malaysia.
Malaysia Taman Negara
Malaysia have the two geological area separated with South China Sea , Peninsular Malaysia , West Malaysia plus Malaysian Borneo or East Malaysia. All the city of Malaysia descends beneath these two constituencies broaden from 2? 30° N and 112? 30° E. The followings are favorite cities in Malaysia:
• George Town
• Kuala Lumpur
George Town: name passed Britain’s King George III, George Town be the capital of Penang in Malaysia. Situated on the north-east bend of Penang Island, it has about two lake 20 thousand inhabitants, or about four Lake People as well as the fringes. This city of Malaysia is as well recognized as ‘Tantung’ in Malay. This main Malaysian city is founded by Captain Francis Light, a rep of British East India Company in 1786.
Kuala Lumpur: The capital and the biggest city, its single of the thrice Malaysian Federal Territories. Usually called KL, it’s a commune inside the state of Selangor, on the Middle West shore of Peninsular Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is as well the country’s lawmaking capital with the Malaysian Parliament in service in the city.
Best Time to Visit Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur is a genial city that is able to be enjoying in all spell. Amidst plethora of traveler attraction, it is maybe the most-visited intention of Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur, creature the country’s capital, makes the spot for frequent main events and juncture. Also KL is the biggest city and the main entryway to Malaysia; it attracts populace for dissimilar reason, which may possibly variety from shopping, sightseeing attraction, business meeting to conference.

As look on its travel climax spell, there is no specific time as people typically plan holidays as for each their have the expediency. While Kuala Lumpur is burning and moist throughout the year, each season offer most excellent time to visit this thrilling city.

Travel Information to Visit Kuala Lumpur
Escape Travel is continuously put jointly huge holiday deal for clientele. Underneath be favorite holiday deals to Kuala Lumpur that are at present available. If you are seem for an enormous price contract for a holiday to Kuala Lumpur then seem to be no more, we contain plenty of choice accessible that include flights, hotels, packages in adding to Kuala Lumpur tours, cruises and farther.

Where to Stay
Escape Travel has a variety of accommodation options for Kuala Lumpur where to decide. The choice composes a choice of Motels and various Hotels. View the range of enormous options in and around Kuala Lumpur City, PETRONAS Twin Towers and Bukit Bin tang. As you can observe we should have amazing to set of clothes you from excellence accommodation choice during to farther discretely priced possessions, like Cititel Express. Kuala Lumpur is presently one of the grand Malaysia places.
What to See Visit Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur is Southeast Asia’s youngest capital and one of the mainly inexpensively victorious following Singapore. A rising metropolitan area, Malaysia’s city centre is continuously experience widespread growth and facial appearance a little boring arrangement. Yet it handles to trump this architectural letdown by clever municipal speculate similar to the PETRONAS Twin Towers and Menara KL.


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  1. Visit Teman Negara…

    […] despread growth and facial appearance a little boring arrangement. Yet it handle […]…

  2. Brilliant. I too have written a lot about Malaysia, in my view the greatest country in Asia. I’ve also had the privilege to live and work there as a journalist and here is an archive of my writings on Malaysian travel, literature, film, culture, society and food:

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