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Flatter: The New Trend To Honor The Talent

At last, today, it was opened for the public what we have been hearing about since a long while. Yes! It’s Flattr. The foundation stone of this micropayment startup was laid by the ex-Private Bay Associates. You can enjoy the same kind of micropayments that people use through the Facebook or Digg buttons, but with real money.
People who intent to contribute to any type of online contents will be required to create an Flattr account for which, they will be charged a minimum of €2. Each time, when a user clicks an item on the web with a Flattr button to rewards the contents, the monthly fee charged to the account holders will be gashed among the content owners at the end of the month.
Flattr is has a very strong competitor in the field of micropayments named Rewrd offers. Although the competition is very tough but there must be one runner up like every rivalry of the world. What appears is that Flattr started by fits and starts, but its popularity is accelerating like an electric pulse.


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