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Cups of Tea

It is indeed very painful to experience when realities shatter imaginations. We always think about good with everything in the world when it is good with us; we can’t feel suffering unless we encounter them. It feels very strange to think that in today’s society, where everybody is striving and making the most of his potentials for the sake of almighty dollars, a man is doing the same but for a different purpose. Love is a tool that can enable us to do the tasks that we just can’t imagine to do without employing the use of force. This fact, though we all know, but has been very beautifully revealed by Greg Mortenson in his award winning captivating book “Three Cups of Tea – One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace…One School at a Time.”
Greg, a mountaineer by profession, who sets out to stand on the highest peak of the world, changes his mind to conquer even higher mountain of the all- lack of education, darkness of ignorance, broken promises and countenancing the unknown. The story takes an inspiring turn in 1993 that proved to be a year of revolution in the life of the passionate mountaineer when the failure to conquer the world’s highest peak in the Karakoram Range in Pakistan turned his spirits into a brand new direction. He narrates that his treatment in the Korphe, a far off and impoverished village of Pakistan, led him to a destination that his soul has always intended to reach. He was quite embarrassed to find that in ‘can there be such a place where children scratch their lessons in the soil?’ Greg assures to make a school for the children on his return from California. Once at home in California, Greg found that ha had perhaps made a promise for which he might not be able to raise funds. “I will stand to my words”, he thought; but how? The only possible solution that provoked his mind was to hunt out the donors out of the 580 top influential people of the country. One asked Greg, how much will it cost to build a school? $12,000. But he had to have a cup of tea. Three cups were filled with the tea; one for a stranger, the second for a friend and the third for a family member.


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