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Causes of Whiplash

Most simply describe whiplash is caused by a motion or force with the intention of makes your neck move beyond its normal sort of motion. As you can learn in the Anatomy of Whiplash article, your

neck or else cervical spine, has an absurd range of motion. It’s the most moveable part of your spine although immobile whiplash can cause the neck to go ahead of its normal range.
There’s one major cause of whiplash that most one and all thinks of immediately car accidents. Even speeds seeing that low as 15 mph can produce enough energy to cause whiplash whether or not you are wearing a seatbelt. (On the other hand if you are not properly restrained by your seatbelt, your head may smack the navigation steering wheel or windshield causing a concussion in addition to whiplash. You must certainly always put on your seatbelt.)


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