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احتجاجات ضد تشارلي: فرنسا تدافع عن “حرية التعبير”

فرانسوا هولاند مرة أخرى على أرضه. بعد الهجمات التي قتل فيها 17 شخصا الأسبوع الماضي، وصل الرئيس السبت قبل فترة وجيزة من الساعة 10:00 في معقله الانتخابي تول لتقديم تحياته الى Corréziens.

The Head of State, who had not returned from the ceremony in Corrèze in tribute to the “Hanged Tulle” on June 9, started his visit by traveling as he is accustomed to market station.

Very quickly, Hollande returned to the anti-Charlie Hebdo events that inflame the Muslim world and included four people in Niger. “France has principles, values, and these values, including freedom of expression,” he recalled, adding that “these countries, supported them in the fight against terrorism.”

Asked by reporters on French flags burned during protests in several countries, particularly in Africa, Francois Hollande further stated: “It has not finished with these behaviors there, and it will punish them, because when they happening in France is unacceptable, but even also abroad. I think of those countries which sometimes can not understand what freedom of expression because they have been deprived. ”

QUESTION OF THE DAY. Do you fear a wave of anti-French demonstrations in the world?

But Hollande has also had a few words about the situation in France. You have to have “faith in the ideals of our country. In France, all faiths are respected, it is secularism, “while evoking” the tensions that must be addressed. “”The state is there, the country is required, we faced and we need that trust us, that’s what Sunday’s rallies have demonstrated (…) confidence in what we are capable of do, “said President of the Republic.

His arrival in Corrèze, he explained, is “a message to show that life goes on, we’ve been through an ordeal with great dignity, very effectively.” “We are of course aware that there still threats (…) There were arrests that have been made in recent days but life must take its place, and we have even come out stronger,” said Francois Hollande said.

After some discounts decorations and lunch with elected officials, the Head of State will deliver greetings to Corréziens and wider territories around 15:30. A speech in which he should, according to his entourage back to jihadist attacks last week in Paris.

His speech comes as the investigation led on the night of Thursday to Friday in the arrest of twelve people, may have provided logistical support to one of the killers, Amedy Coulibaly. Friday, Francois Hollande, who has been in Paris on US Secretary of State John Kerry called for a “collective” response and “farm” deal with terrorism, speaking of “war” about this fight.

In his greeting, the Head of State should also, according to his family, discuss the next steps of the territorial reform while the Constitutional Council validated Thursday the redistribution of France into 13 regions (against 22 currently), 1st January 2016 and the election calendar, pushing the regional elections from March to December 2015. It will also develop the theme of rurality factor of “national cohesion”, has is it said.

The people of Tulle, which are massively to the streets on January 11 to honor the victims (with 8-10000 protesters in a population of 14000), waiting for the president still “in shock” of these events.


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